Fuji GFX 50R with Mamiya 80mm f4 Macro

Fuji GFX 50R with Mamiya 645 80mm f4 macro 1:1 spacer and Kipon 645 to GFX adapter

Ok…there’s a LOT of lens here and many photographers might consider this to be an example of overkill…too much gear for the application, too heavy and unwieldy to be practical and on and on and on. But…I like trying unusual combinations of lenses and adapters because I find you can get some terrific results that are hard to duplicate with other methods.

In general, I have found the Mamiya 645 Lenses to be a spectacular match with the Fuji GFX system. I will do an entire post for this…maybe several. The 645 lenses are manual focus of course. They also happen to be quite affordable compared to the Fuji GFX glass, they cover the entire GFX sensor unlike most adapted 35mm lenses AND even with the adapter(s) they are much smaller & lighter in weight than many of the equivalent focal length Fuji GFX lenses with AF and OIS. Are they as sharp as Fuji lenses…probably not. Is their bokeh as smooth? Again, probably not. Do they have an interesting and pleasing character besides any perceived or measured shortcomings? Absolutely.

In the follow up to this post I will present some examples. in the meantime you can look at the “Quarantine Spring” photos posted under the main menu photo heading. Two of those photos were taken with the Fuji/Mamiya 645 macro beast pictured above. Extra credit if you can identify which photos were taken with this kit.

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